Why was this cream created?

People don’t like needles so Dr. Bertrand got together with Dr. Kyriazis, a Doctor of pharmacy, and, after years of experimenting, they developed QR cream.

This cream allows the mannitol to get through the skin quickly to reach the pain nerves, many of which are just under the skin, like those that cause headaches, neuralgia or neuropathy, stinging or itch from insects or rashes, or in joints near the skin, such as the knees, the hands the ankles or the feet.

She gave this cream to 200 of her patients with pain, ranging from headaches to burning feet, and their average pain relief was 57%.

It took about 15 minutes for the cream to work and, for more than half the people the effect of the cream lasted over 4.5 hours.

For some, the pain relief was permanent.

This is not bad, considering that the most powerful painkillers, narcotics, provide only 30% pain relief and take longer to work, not to mention that they are addictive and make you feel dopey and constipated.