Why do research on the painful feet of diabetics (diabetic peripheral neuropathy)?

The longer people suffer from diabetes, the more likely they are to suffer pain in their feet: sharp, shooting pains, burning, tingling, throbbing or feelings of pins and needles which can seriously interfere with sleep and walking. It can make their lives very difficult.

In some, the pain is there all the time and even a light touch can feel as if you are being branded with a red-hot iron.

No medication, no cream, works well to relieve this terrible pain.  With the current treatments, you have to treat between six and 10 people with neuropathic pain for even one to get 50% pain relief and 80% of those who are treated have side effects from their medications.

Dr. Bertrand has given QR cream to 23 people with post-herpetic neuralgia, the pain that comes after shingles. On average these people had been suffering from this awful burning pain for five years. For most of the participants, the cream provided them with better pain relief.

This shows that QR cream can relieve the nerve pain that follows a bout of shingles. Dr. Bertrand now wants to see if it can relieve another kind of nerve pain, that which comes with diabetic peripheral neuropathy. If it does, it is likely it will relieve most neuropathic (nerve) pain. QR cream, if it provides good pain relief for diabetic peripheral neuropathy, will be a major advance in the treatment of nerve pain.